How can you wear your Wedding Lehenga again?


Indians are always passionate about weddings. They do check cash while purchasing vegetables yet go through with free hands on marriages. They purchase the heaviest and for the most part the most expensive dress of their life for their weddings. Furthermore, wedding lehenga is something which is the most costly dress one purchases yet never at any point wears it again. Sometimes people don’t wear it as they would prefer not to recap it and at times they feel it will be excessively garish for an occasion. But don’t need to worry about it now because I am sharing you some ways which will help you utilise your wedding lehenga over and over again.

Change to contemporary kurta or blouse:

Most of the wedding blouses are exceptionally traditional, with loads of work and embroidery. Therefore to lessen the blaze go for a plain shirt made of velvet. If you are at ease to wear sleeveless shirts then go for them, sleeveless blouses supplement somewhat modern touch to the entire clothing. On the other hand, else you can lob the shirt totally and can go for a medium length kurta, that will give your lehenga a classical touch. What’s more, if you are somebody who likes jittery style and needs to be the adonis at some cocktail party then go for a fancy jacket and hop the dupatta.

Wear a long downright coat:

You more likely than not seen the long sheer coat over lehenga on models walking on ramps, and you can turn your own wedding lehenga into one such lehenga by including a light shade fabric on. You can either wear one on the tip of your shirt or can go for a coat which has exposure at the perfect place and drops the shirt. This coat will cover the gleam of the skirt without concealing the work on it totally. It will likewise give a gown sort of look to the lehenga.

how to reuse my wedding lehenga

Create Anarkali out of it:

If you are somebody who is not extremely enamoured with lehenga and feels great in salwar kurta or Anarkali then transform your wedding lehenga into an Anarkali. Simply get the skirt joined with the shirt and get some pleasant looking zaree fixed on the sewing part. Zaree will give a definition to the midriff and will likewise conceal the sewing. You can get a similar salwar or legging for same or in the event that you need to do some more different traditions regarding the look then set up a similar plaint skirt underneath instead of salwar. In this fashion you will get a wonderful Anarkali with heaps of work on it made out of your wedding lehenga.

5 Best Ways To Wear Your Wedding Lehenga Again After Marriage
Catch a plain skirt with wide fringe:

If your skirt is too crushing, which for the most part prevents you from wearing your wedding lehenga once more, yet the dupatta and shirt are something that you cherish and have substantial work on it then offer reprieve to the real skirt and get another skirt sewed in silk or net sort of fabric. Go for a plain skirt with some zaree fringe or plain golden or silver outskirt so that the work on your pullover will emerge. That’s how you will be utilising the wedding lehenga and won’t feel overwhelming or uncomfortable as well.

Create shirt out of dupatta:

If you would prefer not to utilise the entire lehenga and have no issue with putting it under scissors then this can be decent gambled for you. Particularly if your lehenga is very old, out of style and not something you might want to wear as it is then you can get a shirt produced using your wedding lehenga dupatta. Wedding lehenga dupattas, for the most part, have substantial weaving or stone work on it and they have lovely fringes as well. Utilising this you can get a regular length or long length shirt made, which can be utilised with plain saree. Heavy shirt with differentiating plain saree will be extremely exquisite for weddings and different gatherings as well.

Best Ways To Wear Your Wedding Lehenga Again

Wear the same lehenga with various hanging style:

Last of all, if you adore your wedding lehenga so much that you would prefer not to do any extension or removal in it than simply wear it as it is with various dupatta draping style. The same lehenga looks changed with altered dupatta draping. Your unchanged lehenga will look differently completely. Additionally, utilise distinctive accessories and haircuts too to be in the limelight every time.

7 super cool ways to recycle your bridal lehenga
I think now all of you are set with your wedding lehenga and loads of concepts and designs in your mind. So get ready to flabbergast the wedding season with a redesigned lehenga. What’s more, when the relatives in the gathering will compliment you for your wonderful lehenga and ask where you got it from you can wink and let them know that you composed it. So get your lehenga out of the bag and set your concepts to work, go young ladies.


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