Top 10 Romantic Places Visited by Bollywood Married Couple on Their Honeymoon


Planning a wedding as we all know is a tedious task that mostly gets everybody involved. But when it comes to honeymoon, it is entirely on the bride and the groom. With so many locations offering attractive honeymoon packages, it may be challenging to choose one ideal destination. These days, we always wish to know where the couple plans to go for their honeymoon to see if we would like the same place or to know our options. Even, many times we wonder where our Bollywood couples spend their honeymoon to know if they love to dream beyond the usual. In light of that fact, here are top 10 Romantic places visited by Bollywood married couple on their Honeymoon.Maldives

Malaika Arora Khan and Arbaaz understand the right way to rekindle their love and chose Maldives. This group of islands is the ideal honeymoon home for exceptional peaceful romance. You can simply lay back with your special person and appreciate the wonders of nature together with some delicious foods.

Fiji Islands

The calm and peaceful Fiji Islands, far from crowds, was where Fardeen Khan and Natasha Madhwani chose as their honeymoon destination. After their marriage, the couple escaped to the Royal Davui Island Resort and similar to their choice of location, the resort was equally well chosen. The villa peeks onto the captivating Beqa lagoon and provides a fantastic experience at the Great Barrier Reef , let alone the possibilities provided to go catamaran cruising.

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Paris has been known to be the city of love – a city that makes everybody romantic. No surprise Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri opted for Paris as their honeymoon location and has until now been their escape place for a peaceful vacation.

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The Kareena Kapoor & Saif on their own flew off to Alpines in Switzerland for a cozy honeymoon.The snow-capped mountains, the charming tourist attractions, and the ambiance of your beloved with you should make you feel impressive.

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Vishakapatnam (Vizag)

This is another offbeat destination among the list of honeymoon destination visited by Bollywood married couples.It was the perfect choice for Genelia D’Souza & Riteish. Although Vishakapatnam (Vizag) is well-known for being a major port city, it has turn out to be a preferred tourist spot particularly because it has the mystic Araku valley very close.

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Caribbean islands

This is an ideal honeymoon vacation spot as you possibly can enjoy the delectable delicacies and romance whilst you appreciate the sunset by the crystal clear beach. Apart from that, it has many adventure activities to attempt. A Caribbean island is an exact place Vidya Balan & Sidharth Roy Kapur spent their honeymoon.

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Imran Khan, a handsome looking Bollywood actor married his childhood sweetheart, Avantika. Of all the places in the world, the couple chose one of the several isolated islands of Phuket, Thailand. The reason for opting for this island may be because of its privacy.

top 10 honeymoon destinations in india

London city

London city has a lot to give in spite of your romance idea, making it appear like a rock-type of the honeymoon. That could be the reason why Shahid Kapoor & Mira, who tied the knot and created to a certain extent, a ripple with their wedding chose London as their honeymoon spot.

best honeymoon places in india in may


Panchgani is quite a scenic valley to vacation at and is known for its breathtaking viewpoints and lavish Mapro food court. Aamir known to be unconventional chose this spot to spend a quality time with his wife, Kiran.

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The Bahamas is yet another adoring destination for the sea lovers. It has clear water that reflects the blue skies being surrounded by vegetation everywhere. It is often referred to as the paradise of lovers. Shilpa Shetty and Raj chose the spot so as to soak themselves in all the romance that nature was ready to give them with at the Bahamas.

Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations In India For Couples


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