Thinking to Kiss Someone Special? Get Ready for First Kiss!


A first kiss builds a relationship. It is obvious that the first kiss can predict the chemistry and the sexual excitement of both of you. Do you want to know the best way to have your first kiss?  Kissing someone special for the first time can be exciting, but it is also possible that you are feeling nervous about it.

how to get ready for your first time

A first kiss is always nervous, especially when you are going to kiss someone who means a lot to you. But don’t worry too much, all you have to do is relax, be comfortable with your body, play it safe and take your time and follow a few basic guidelines.A first kiss is always nervous, especially when you are going to kiss someone who means a lot to you. But don’t worry too much, all you have to do is relax, be comfortable with your body, play it safe and take your time and follow a few basic guidelines.

Get ready for your first kiss, by following these simple steps:

1) Select the Right Place:

The most important thing you need to make your first kiss memorable is to select a right time and right location. The best time to kiss someone is at the end of the first or the second date. You can also get advantage from some romantic place like a movie or a beach for your memorable first kiss.

the importance of kissing-the power of a kiss in a relationship

2) Dress up Properly:

Dress up properly for your occasion and while dressing up remember your comfort also. Avoid wearing sticky lip gloss and must wear some deodorant and pop on perfume. Wear a comfortable dress so that you remain calm and relaxed at the special moment.

10 facts to get ready for your first kiss-ow do i get my first kiss

3) Oral Hygiene:

Another important thing to concern is to avoid bad breath during your first and memorable kiss. Brush your teeth and pop in a mint or chew gum after you eat or drink. A bad breath gives a very wrong impression on the partner.

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4) Be Forward:

The next step in kissing is to be forward and let your partner know about your intentions. First go closer and run your fingers on his or her hair and gently touch your partner’s hands and arm and in this way show your intentions.

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5) Bring the Process Slowly:

If everything is going well and your partner also shows some intentions and consent to kissing, touch lips gently. Aggressiveness shown in the first kiss is not the way to go, and most people do not find attraction in it.

when to kiss a guy for the first time

6) Be Gentle and Respected:

The important thing you should follow is to be soft and calm with your approach and with a kiss as well. It is important that the first kiss should be gentle and respectable. Put your partner at ease by being sweet and kind with your first kiss. This gesture makes your partner trust on you and your partner also kiss you back.

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7) Touch your Partner Gently:

Make your kiss better by gently touching the chin, neck or hair of your partner with your fingers. The face and hair of a woman are more responsive when she is in the romantic state. So, if you touch her gently in those areas at the time of kiss, then she will feel more special and loving. She can also like this and pull you closer and give a deep kiss.

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8) Be Relaxed:

To be relaxed and comfortable will make the kiss better for you and your partner also. The most romantic thing you can do is to engage yourself fully at the moment. Try to feel the touch of your partner’s lips, his or her smell and how the other one is responding to you. All these things make your first kiss more exciting and memorable.

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9) Make it Attractive:

Try some different and interesting ways to make your kiss attractive. You can try to kiss other places than lips. You can also start with your partner’s neck and then move up to the lips of your partner. The best thing to remember is that a first thing should not wet face of your partner.

Expert kissing tips for memorable kiss

9) Use your Hands Also:

It is also best to use your hands during the process of the kiss, instead of leaving the hands at a side. Some good places you can use your hands are in your partner’s hair, on the cheeks of your partner and around their back you can also use your hands to hold the sides of your partner.

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10) Don’t Use Tongue:

This is critical to know that don’t put your tongue into action on the very first kiss. If you use your tongue during the first kiss, it gives a wrong expression. It shows that you are not interested in a serious relationship, but only interested in the one-night stand.

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11) Go Easy with Touching:

You should go easy with touching. Your first touches should be very gentle, kind and pleasant. Go for easy ways for touching, you may begin with your partners hands and arms. Wait until your partner invites you in.

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12) Stop After a Few Moments:

A good idea for the first kissing is to stop after a few moments. Move your face back slowly only for just a few inches and check out the feelings and attraction of the moment. Understand the intentions of your partner and find out if he or she is excited and enjoying or not.

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Tips to Make your First Kiss Memorable:

Some tips to make your first kiss memorable and attractive for both of you are;

  • Don’t over think about the perfection of your kiss. The more you think and conscious about the kiss, the more nervous you will be in return.
  •  If you are shy and feeling nervous, try to kiss in some hidden place like a den or a corn field.
  • Be relaxed and calm during the kiss. The more you will remain to relax, the more you can enjoy the kiss.



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