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Dating is a mixed bag of never-ending conversations, emotions, silly fights, misunderstandings and romantic gestures. And all this is not possible if you cannot communicate with your partner without any hesitations.

Are you one of those who wants to build a closer relationship with your girlfriend or want a better romance between the two of you? Are you amongst those who is running out of conversations with your love?

things to talk about-things to talk about with a girl

Talking to your lady is an art that has to be mastered. No matter how close you are to each other or how deeply you are in love with her there are times when your conversations run dry and ultimately it leads to an awkward silence. There are times when you feel that you have nothing to talk especially when you speak for hours every day with your girlfriend.

One of the major factors that you need to know about the happy relationship is that it has to move forward and for that communication is the key. Both the partners have to make sure that they add new things to the relationship to keep it healthy and exciting.

things to talk about with your girlfriend-how to talk to a girl you like

There are many ways you can make your relationship grow but nothing can beat the power of communication especially in the case of new relationships. If you know the right things to talk about your relationship will surely bloom and your lady love will fall more in love with you. If you want your bond to be stronger you must not hesitate in talking about anything with your partner. There are several aspects of dealing with when it comes to communicating with your girl.

Here are few great and innovative ideas on how to talk to your girlfriend so that you can make her feel connected to you and increase the steaming chemistry between both of you.

Talk About The Things You Have Common And The Things You Don’t Have In Common

The saying that opposites attract is correct but in the world of relationships if you have some things in common can prove out to be the betterment of the union. The reasons why you are attracted to your partner in the first place are the things you have in common so you should regularly talk about the things of common interest. Such topics always keep conversations going as common areas are the best connection points between two people. So talk to each other on common hobbies, fantasies, books, movies, annoying habits, common beliefs, values or any sort of similarities you have with each other.

things to do with your girlfriend

On the other hand, you should also know what the things you don’t have in common are. Talking about your differences helps a lot in learning to appreciate the differences and adapt them. If you fail to address your differences with time they may build up, add bitterness to the relationship and ruin the whole relationship.

Sometimes such opposite things attract you to your partner and it helps in the keeping the conversations going for hours. This is mainly because you will find things you disagree. Both the partners keep their perspective on the issues and overall it makes up a good and healthy conversation.

deep conversation topics-things to talk about with your boyfriend

Boys just make sure you argue reasonably and make sure you respect your lady’s opinions even if you don’t agree with them. She will love this quality of yours. Over the time you will like her more because things she has different from you.

Ideas On How To Talk To Your Girl On Phone

Phone Conversations are a crucial part of a successful relationship especially when it’s a long distance relationship. The extra effort that you do by calling her shows you girl that you are really interested in her and make her fell wanted.  Whether you are calling a cutie you just met or a long term girlfriend phone conversations will make her adore you more.


Here are some tips that you need to keep in mind while talking to a girl on phone:

  • Greet your girl nicely so that when she picks up the call she feel pampered and happy.
  • Always try and talk to her in a closed place. Girls are more comfortable, open and honest with you if they know that nobody else is overhearing her conversation with you. Don’t call her when you are hanging out with people and don’t put the phone on speaker without her permission.
  • Always choose an appropriate time to call her. What you can do is text her first before you want to call. Be flexible and work out mutually on the convenient time for calling.
  • Don’t text, watch T.V, chat or talk to other people while you are talking to your girl. Let her know that your conversation with her is the most important thing for you at that time.
  • If you sound friendly and eager to talk she will also respond the same way as emotions are contagious. You can say things like I have been looking forward to hearing your sweet voice.
  • Start with casual small talks as it creates a sense of connection and people get to know each other better. Stick to easy topics like share a story from your day, ask her favorite sports, restaurant, TV show or movie who have watched together.
  • Don’t forget to compliment her so that you can let her know that you enjoy her conversation. Say things which are hilarious and encourage her to open up.
  • If both of you have chemistry then even small talks will flow into more personal and deeper conversations.
  • Be more honest so that she too can be revealing. She might not express her true feelings because of fear of rejection but you have to make sure that to let her know how much she means to you so that she feels safe to tell you everything.
  • Frame open-ended questions which can be elaborated and has some backstory. This will allow her to express. Avoid questions which have answers like yes or no.
  • Conversations are always two-sided and you have to an active listener along with speaking. Don’t interrupt her and encourage her to share more.
  • Don’t make her feel uncomfortable and gauge her more on topics in which she is enthusiastic to share. If she sounds quite steer the conversation to more hilarious or enjoyable territory.
  • Don’t sound over obsessed as this can scare her and don’t make comments on her body which are too straight.
  • Make plans ad plan night outs together as this brings closeness in couples. Tell her how much it is to be with her and how much you look forward to taking her out for dates.

Always before disconnecting tell her how much you enjoyed talking to her and appreciate her voice. Make her smile and say something sweet before you hang up. Share a joke or compliment her so that she blushes.

Talk About Her Friends, Family And Her Areas Of Interest

Talk to your girlfriend about her friends, family, their lives and her areas of interest. Ask her the things she likes to do to make her feel that you genuinely are interested in knowing in and out about her and her life. And when you got to know her interests you may find out some common hobbies which can help in making the bond better.

When you talk to her about her friends and family you get to know everything about them and if by chance you meet her friends or family you can charm them in the very first meeting by making the right conversations with them. Talk to her about her best buddies and her hangout group. Go out with her friends so that you can also fit in with them. Her friends are the people who know her the best. Try to know about her memories with her friends, the pranks they play with her, the games they play and discuss her girly chit-chats. If she has some male friends make her feel free to talk about them to you.

When it comes to family a girl is closest to her family and dad is every girl’s first hero. Talk to her about the bond she shares with her mom dad. Ask her questions like:

  • Who is your role model?
  • Her nickname?
  • Her best friends?
  • Her bond with her siblings and parents?
  • Who is she closest to in her family?
  • Her taste in movies, books, music, hobbies, places etc.
  • Ask if she has any pets?
  • Her favorite color, favorite food, favorite movie, favorite place, and music. You should know about her favorites through talks.

These are the few questions you can ask her to know her and build up great conversations with her.

Talk About Your Past And Your Childhood

We all cherish our childhood and childhood memories are always fun to talk about. These memories include funny incidents and embarrassing ones as well. When you are short of talks with your girlfriend start with talking about your past and childhood memories.

Talk about your first crush, good looking teacher, the first time when you got drunk, the first time you went out for a picnic or the times you did something silly and mischievous. Your girlfriend will surely love to hear you and will definitely have a good laugh. She will enjoy such talks and the time with you.

You can also listen to her childhood stories.  Be a good listener and share a laugh with her to always make her feel you are interested in her talks. Discuss your past and don’t be hesitant to share anything with her. She will love your honestly. Enjoy the time laughing together recalling the good old memories. She’s going to enjoy it thoroughly.

Talk About Your Future

It is what the evolution is that even though the roles have changed over years the things that attract a lady in a guy hasn’t changed much. Girls always love the guys who are future oriented and has the caliber to make things happen in near future. Talk to your girlfriend about your life, the things you want to do, your dreams, your future

Talk to your girlfriend about your life, the things you want to do, your dreams, your future goals, and aspirations. Tell her about the things you want to do with her when you are together and all the other things along that line.

Girls always like a guy who works towards his future. Right now may be you are spontaneous, fun loving and a person who believes in living for the moment but if you have a focused life towards your career then she’ll be impressed and awed by your determination and will love you more for this. Men always need to protect their girl and a women should feel secure and protected with her guy when it comes to future security, finances or anything else.

When you talk about your future the topic that comes on the top on this list is where is this relationship going and what is our future? Especially when a girl is not sure about your commitment and it’s the start of a relationship. This is a very complicated situation every men face as coming on too fast may scare your girlfriend and not talking about it may raise questions about your commitment towards her.

If you want to avoid any sort of tensions associated to this question then communicating well about this with your girlfriend is the key solution.  Sit and talk about what is your and her opinion about marriage, kids and settling down. But don’t go into too much details. Have healthy conversations and try making it bit humorous. Don’t make your girlfriend get into any drastic ideas and at the same time don’t make her feel that you are not committed.

To make your talks interesting talk about how your kids will be innocently playing and how it would be running after the little rascals all over the house. Take her opinion about future, parenting, and career. All these conversations make you and your girlfriend feel connected to each other. All such talks also give you an idea about each other’s commitment levels and give you a clear understanding of what you want in the long run.

Shopping and clothing Talks Can Be Exciting For Her

Shopping is something every girl loves. It is best therapy for girls to relive stress and enjoy. Girls usually don’t find boys interested in shopping talks and if you are the one who talks to her about shopping she’ll surely love it. Ask her for the places from where she loves to shop or give her suggestions about the various stores she can shop from. She will love it if you go out for shopping with her, help her in choosing her favorite clothes and carry her bags. Don’t forget to compliment her while the shopping talks.

Tell her she looks ethereal and sassy in western at the same time looks elegant and pretty in ethnic. From her talks try to figure out what she loves wearing. Tell her that she looks beautiful in whatever she wears and carries everything with oomph. A girl is always conscious about how she is looking and takes a lot of time to decide her clothing. Help her and assure her that she is looking good. Some of the shopping talks may be like Are you a shopaholic or do you like window shopping to start off the conversation. And then once it is started the shopping talks are endless for girls.

Give Her Compliments And Talk Romantic To Make Her Feel Good

Don’t forget to compliment your girl for her something she did for you, her dressing or anything which she feels good about. Every girl likes to be appreciated and feels loved when she hears a genuine compliment for her by a man she likes. Very small little things you do can make her feel special. Tell her voice sounds sweet over the phone, how much you like talking to her, how beautiful she looked on her last date, food made by her and how soft her touch is.

Good compliments will always lead to romantic conversations which in turn you will love. Pamper her as much as you can and never miss a chance to make her feel loved and appreciated. Let her know her importance in your life and how special she is to you. Don’t leave a chance of romancing with her be it a move or a date. Hold her hands in public, cuddle her and give her sweet hugs and kisses. Talk to her about how she feels when you hold her hands in public. How she feels when you pamper her or cuddle her. And that’s how romantic talks start and builds up.

Talk About The Vacation Plans And Date Ideas

Going on vacations and date with your partner is always a fun time in a relationship. Most of us spend entire week or month for planning out the perfect vacation or planning the next romantic date. So why not share your plans with her. Discuss with her about the plans you are making. She’ll love it and the whole idea will interest her especially when it comes to going

She’ll love it and the whole idea will interest her especially when it comes to going to restaurants, movies, doing fun things together, vacations or spending the entire weekend with her. She will be able to tell you her concerns and interests in visiting places. Discuss with her what her favorite places are, what type of dates she would like to go on or how she wants to spend her coming weekends. All these questions can help you a lot to plan out vacations and dates. Moreover, if you’ll involve her in your ideas she will feel great.

Talk About Her Views On Life

Everyone has their individual views about life and we should respect every person’s opinion. But we don’t share our views about life with everyone. It has to be someone really close or someone special. You should find out more about your girl’s views on life. This will not only help you understand her better but also helps you know her aim, future and what her real goals are in life. You are a man and you have to make sure you keep her close enough to you by understanding her perspective on life.

Talk Funny To Make Your Girlfriend Smile

There is a saying that “the best thing a girl can wear is to smile”. And being a girl I would say it is absolutely true. Laughter and a good sense of humor is a key to every girl’s heart. Make her laugh and she will be yours forever. Tell her how special and beautiful her smile is. Tell her that innocent cute curve suits her the most. Tell her a glimpse of her smile makes your day. Tell her that the reason behind your smile is her smile. She will surely blush after hearing this. The first impression a girl judges you on is your sense of humor and if you make her giggle you may impress her in the first shot.

You can sweet, silly and sexy but make sure that you girl likes it. Some girls like little sexual humor however some get turned off badly. If you don’t find something funny then she definitely won’t laugh at it and this will make you look sincere. Be aware of poor jokes. Smile, try being yourself and enjoy your time with her.

You can narrate a funny story or make funny faces to tease her and, make her laugh. If you get the sense that she likes it then poke jokes at yourself or even her. Be funny but be careful at the same time while doing it.

Gossip With Her

Gossiping is something which is loved by every girl. It’s always interesting and she’ll be able to talk for a longer time. Gossiping may include what is happening in her own life, what annoys her, who annoys her, what makes her happy and who is the one who brings smile to her face. Ask her about her colleagues, mates and friends. If she is working ask her everything that goes on when she is at work. Gossip about movies, characters, film stars, shows on television. If you both like similar movies and shows hen both of you can have a lot of things to talk about as you can have different opinions about characters or the show. Girls are supremely talented in gossiping however boys are not. But what you can do is start a topic and let her talk. Talk to her like a girl and discuss all the hot and spicy that’s going in your life. This also allows her to talk about the concerning things happening in her life.

If she is working ask her everything that goes on when she is at work. Gossip about movies, characters, film stars, shows on television. If you both like similar movies and shows hen both of you can have a lot of things to talk about as you can have different opinions about characters or the show. Girls are supremely talented in gossiping, however, boys are not. But what you can do is start a topic and let her talk. Talk to her like a girl and discuss all the hot and spicy that’s going in your life. This also allows her to talk about the concerning things happening in her life.

But what you can do is start a topic and let her talk. Talk to her like a girl and discuss all the hot and spicy that’s going in your life. This also allows her to talk about the concerning things happening in her life.

 Have Naughty Conversations With Her

Every girl has a wild side and for that to come out you have to make her comfortable enough to share it with you. A big part of relationships is naughty conversations and sexual chemistry. And if this is missing in your relationship sooner or later your relationship will turn out to be boring to you. Talk dirty to her and ask few naughty questions to build up the conversation while texting and then talk over phone. Trust me late night talks are the best thing about relationships.

The romance, intimacy you can build through your talks. Initially, she may blush, act shy but gradually she’d definitely love the sexual excitement that you are building through your talks. A girl can behave naughty only in front of her guy and trust me she won’t give you any hints for that. You have to sense it on your own and grab the chance to make her naughty with you. It is always you who will have to initiate these naughty talks with her. If she lives with you along with talking cuddling can add up and make it cuter. Night time is for couples and make the most of it to have a relationship full of love, romance, and intimacy.

Talk About Your Secrets

Keeping secrets from your girlfriend is a big no, no! If she comes to know anything from outsider that may hurt her deeply and maybe she won’t be able to trust you again. So never hide any of your secrets. Moreover everyone loves a good secret. Everyone has secrets that they don’t generally tell everyone and share those with their closed ones. Your girl is the perfect person you can share your secrets with.

This will not only flatter her but make her see that you trust her up to the extent that you can share your deepest secrets with her. Not just this helps in building trust in your relationship she will also start sharing her secrets and fantasies with you. This makes her become more intimate with you. Not just secrets share your dirtiest fantasies with her. This builds belief in her and she will be able to overcome her shyness and get open about herself. A girl has so many secrets to tell about her. Know them all guy and enjoy the naughty yet trustworthy relationship with your girlfriend.

Talk About Her Passions That Excites Her The Most

A guy should always talk about things that interest his girlfriend be it cooking, shopping, reading, gardening, blogging or anything else. This makes your girl feel wonderful that you are really interested in talking about stuff that is close to her heart. Ask her what the things she is passionate about are and suggest her ways follow her passion. Always remember you genuinely interested in her passions or you may just end up hurting her. Ask her to follow her passion and help her with that.

Discuss Your Life For The Day

Usually it’s the girls who are more into talking about their entire day and just listen. This may sometimes make her feel that she is only one talking and you are taking least efforts in building the conversation. Guys usually don’t go into details of what they are up to for the day unless they are comfortable with their girlfriend or have something to nag about. But trust me the more you talk about little details for the day the more you will get options to build up new conversations.

Try to get her views about your day and suggest her your views. You can tell her your schedule, the time you are free, the tasks you are planning for the day. Once you complete your day at night you can talk about the minute things happened to you entire day and try knowing about her life for the day. That’s how these small little things can build good long talks with your girlfriend.

Talk About Your Fears

Girls absolutely love it if there boy opens up and talks to them about his fears. When you discuss your dreams, your fears you make your girlfriend feel connected to you and feel closer to you because you are showing her your vulnerable side. If something is upsetting you, or bothering you be it work, friends or anything talk to your girlfriend. She will be interested in listening to your problems and would love to help you out with it. Every lady likes a man who is frank and opens up.

Talk About Beauty Products Or Treatments

Girls are crazy about how they look, beauty and treatments/therapies that can help them relieve stress and give them a gorgeous look at the same time. Plan out salon or spa dates with her. Talk about best saloons you know nearby. This will surely amaze her as girls usually don’t see boys talking about such things.

Be a guy who can talk about anything and everything with his girlfriend.  There are innumerable things you can talk about beauty and your girl will give you answers excitingly. Ask her what is her favorite makeup item, what type of shoes you like, you like spas and therapies, what do you keep in your purse, which is your favorite brand in cosmetics etc. etc. she will be so glad to answer all these questions and love you more for this sweet gesture of making an effort to understand her needs and liking for beauty products and treatments.

Food Can Link Two People Very Well. So Talk to Her about Food

Food is one topic which can link two people very easily. Learn each other’s likes and dislikes about food and what are her favorite cuisines. You can talk about food for the entire day as this is something which is a major attraction for everyone. A girl easily falls for a guy who loves cooking. You can occasionally cook for her to make her feel good. She’ll be exited waking up on weekends to his favorite delicacies.

Talk to her about what all you love in cooking and what are the things she loves to eat. Not only man way to a woman’s heart is also through the stomach and don’t miss a chance talking about it. Discuss her favorite restaurants whose food she loves. You will get to know her food choices and places she likes to visit for her favorite food.

Additional tips you can do with your girlfriend to pamper her:

These are the sweet gestures you display when she least expects them. These small efforts make your girlfriend special.

  • Whenever you are spending a weekend with her give her a sweet massage which will be not only relaxing to her but make her feel that you really care about her.
  • Plan things spontaneously and take her out for random coffee or ice cream dates. Girls love surprises.
  • Motivate her and always join her if she is struggling with something. She will feel that in need you are with her.
  • Whenever you meet her buy little something like chocolates, flowers or any silly thing. It’s a great way to make her feel loved.
  • Plan romantic holidays, candlelight dinners or weekend gateway to places she always wanted to visit.
  • Always remember all the dates that are important for her.
  • Be playful and do silly things. Tease her, tickle her or whisper in her ears. All these things are romantic as well as she would love it. Play games, watch movies or make funny videos mimicking some song or actor.
  • Sing her favorite song for her. She will surely love it. Dance with her.
  • Ask her about the things she wants to do in this month or year and try completing her bucket list.
  • If your girl is into pet gift her a pet like a pup or a kitten. Or you can gift her a small aquarium as well.
  • Girls are so much into spas and therapies. They are quite conscious about their looks so take her out for spas so that she can pamper herself and her body. This is something she would love to do.
  • Cuddle her as cuddling releases good chemicals which will make her feel loved and happy.
  • Keep the little things in mind like holding her hands if you both are walking together, carrying her shopping or grocery bags, getting her a seat at a restaurant, theater or restaurant.
  • Create good memories with her by clicking pictures trying something different every time, making fun videos, dub smash, or by painting a portrait.
  • Don’t forget to express her how much you love her. Look into her eyes and tell her she’s the love of your life.
  • Always be there for her so that she can rely on you. Stand by her during her tough times. Protect your lady. If she feels safe with you then this is the best thing a man could ask for.
  • If your girlfriend is talking and you find her cute don’t just hold back. Kiss her. You’ll love it and even she will like your sweet gesture.
  • Be a true gentleman and respect her. Keep her needs first and show the basic gentleman ethics like dropping her home, asking her if she reached safely, opening the window of the car or pulling a chair for her to sit.
  • The best part is done pillow talks with her, there is nothing as heavenly as lying in your lover’s arm and talk about the good times you had with her. It is a sort of happy romance and brings you closer to your partner.

So the next time if you are running out of things to talk about with your girlfriend try these amazing tips and trust me you’ll have an abundance of talks. This will help you get a lot of ideas to talk and bring you closer to your partner with every new conversation. But before launching longwinded stories, or tales make sure your lady is interested. Practice care, love, loyalty, honesty, and lots of talks. This will surely make your relationship work wonders for you. Keep talking keep loving her. Hope these tips will help you impress your lady.


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