Ten Signs You and Your Partner are an Old Married Couple


Relationships are like old wine. The longer it matures, the tastier it becomes. No one likes to grow old. Nevertheless, you cannot stop it from happening. That is the reality. You have to accept the situation. There are signs that indicate you are getting old. You should recognize the signs. We shall discuss some of them here.

“Age is no longer a factor. You can be an old couple by age, but a young one by heart”

1.Lack of effective communication

 The moment you realize that you are not having any long conversations anymore you are on the way to becoming an old married couple. The long conversations have given way to monosyllabic questions and answers. You have a long conversation only when you disagree on something. As time goes by, these moments increase.

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One more thing you would notice here is that the tone and tenor of the language change dramatically as one grows old. This is the common phenomenon everywhere from Hanoi to Hono Lulu.

2.Re-definition of a date night

As you grow old, the idea of a date night undergoes a change. In place of a romantic dinner, you use the date night to pick up the essentials. You can take consolation in one fact here. Even though you might miss the romantic quotient, you are at least still together, albeit for an entirely different reason. You should make maximum usage of this quality time together and enjoy each other’s company.

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3.Surprisingly, you fight less

Once the honeymoon phase of the relationship is over, couples do have their bickering. In the initial stages, it would be less. However, by the time you reach middle age, it transcends all levels. Fights start to get personal.

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The beauty of the relationship is that, as you grow older you realize the futility of fighting with each other. You start enjoying the company of each other. This is a definite sign of you and your boyfriend becoming an old couple.

4.Choosing sleep over intimacy

If someone gives you a choice between sleep and intimacy, naturally couples would choose intimacy. Sleep would always follow. However, older married couples surprisingly choose sleep over intimacy. This could be due to lack of interest in having an intimate relationship. An overdose of anything in the world is bad. This applies in this relationship too.

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5.Change in the dressing sense

As one grows older, you become mature. At the same time, your dressing sense too undergoes a sea change. You would opt for normal panties and undergarments as compared to the fashionable and sexy lingerie you had when you were younger. This is a definite sign of becoming old.

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6.You seem to enjoy silence more

Maturing on a personal level, as you grow old, you tend to value silence more. In the younger days, silence would make you go mad. Either you were in a lovey-dovey relationship or you used to yell your lungs out. There was no in-between kind of a factor.

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Now, you seem to enjoy silence even in the presence of your boyfriend. Maybe, he too admires it. It could be a welcome relief from your constant chattering during your younger days. He may be savoring the same.

7.You develop a special code language

Marriage is a fantastic relationship. It is a true union between bodies and souls. You do not realize the second aspect when you are young. As you grow old, you understand each other more easily. You can synchronize your mutual thoughts better. You develop a code language of sorts and can finish off each other’s sentences. Of course, it cannot get cuter than this.

8.No more nagging nowadays, Or has he got accustomed to it

As you grow old, you start to realize both of you have your personal lives to contend with. It was so different during the younger days when there used to be an overlap at each step. This could lead to much indifference. Thankfully, you have sorted them out and started to realize that there is a much bigger world outside your partner.

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This causes you to nag him less. He would also enjoy and welcome this change in your behavior. After all, he deserves a break.

9.Less of hanging out

When you start to realize that you tend to stay at home more than going out to watch a movie, you should understand that you have caught up with age. An older couple would any day prefer to look at the movie of their Netflix rather than hold hands together in a cinema theater. This is a telltale sign of growing old. Maybe you start enjoying doing this more often.

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10.You become the best of friends

In your younger days, you had more friends. As you grow older, you realize that your boyfriend might be the greatest friend you ever had. This may be more of a necessity today. You should revel in each other’s company. This is the beauty of growing old. You renew an old friendship.

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In fact, people say that this might be the only option left for you as both of you need someone to take care of you. The best way is to care for each other.


It is not necessary for you to be 30+ years in a marriage for classification as an old married couple. Age is no longer a factor. You can be an old couple by age, but a young one by heart.



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