Memory box : A Beautiful Memorial Gifts for Your Love


An idea for all lovers!

The memory box: a nice idea to allow you to preserve your memories lovers This will also help you to remember from time to time your memories: good laugh two and emotions guaranteed!

couple fall in love-planing dinner date

A memory box – Why?

When you are a couple (or not for that matter!) Memories are sometimes lost in nothingness! It becomes difficult to remember their holiday getaway, some romantic dinners, or “just” moments spent together … Similarly memories mix and we do not know if this event occurred before another, if such a gift to been offered for such an opportunity, etc …

So to not “lose” your memories, why not create a memory box?

couples creating memories and safe their memories forever

The concept: Creating a memory box

The principle is simple.

You have to first of all a nice box large enough that you can decorate as you wish.

valentines day special gift for your love

Then you just need to add the memories you will reap over time. This can be: Your little sweet words exchanged Some pictures Some theater tickets, cinemas, museums Symbolic objects birthday cards and postcards Small objects that remind you of a particular time …

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changes your moments in memories with help of memory box

The story of Dededu14: ” when I started dating my boyfriend, the distance between us. I live in Normandy and Paris to him. Everyone was moving in the other two on a weekend. When it was my turn to come to Paris, I took the train to visit her. On Sunday night, on the way back, I had fun writing all that we had done during the weekend on my train ticket. And all these tickets were religiously preserved in a nice box that I had customized. Years later, it’s always a pleasure to rediscover these two train tickets and those memorable days we spent together at the beginning of our relationship! “

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 When opening the box and recall her memories?

It is best not to open too often to avoid spoiling the effect “magic” of the box.

Open the example for Valentine’s Day, your anniversary meeting or even every 5 years! This will allow you to have a good time to reminisce about all the good memories spend together.

A box of your memories-Gift for someone special

And do not be trying when you add a new item to your box to look at what is there! Quick tips: Do not let your gift box within reach of your children so they do not spoil all your precious memories do not be afraid to think big for the size of your mailbox, because the memories are many, many places!


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