Secrets of Making Your Love Life Romantic


When we think of romance we consider its something that comes naturally and unconsciously, some of us look at it as a complicated and effort requiring act And some look at it with a purely sexual scope, all of these perceptions give romance a narrow and linear character.

It is a combination of all these things, the natural, the effort, and the intimate that makes  up for a fulfilling romantic love life.

Here are a few certified methods to create the spark in your life all over again just as you felt on that first date.

1. Firstly Make Yourself Appealing

No matter which group of species you belong to, whether you’re a peacock, a butterfly, hippo or A human being, first thing you gotta do is a show off those feathers and wings, allure the mate. Even animals know that grooming is extremely necessary, beauty is not a much of a counter as neatness, cleanliness and style are. If you don’t bother to take a shower before meeting up with him/her, or give enough thought to what you are wearing, they will definitely notice that.

Firstly make yourself appealing- Make your love life so rommantic

Making each other feel important is not all about doing favors and caring for each other, it involves taking care of your own self, people will see you as you see yourself, first you must love yourself. It can be slightly embarrassing for a person to introduce a partner to their parents or friends if they fear that he/her is just going to show up in their usual slacks. If you don’t groom yourself, the chances are that your partner will eventually start perceiving you as lazy, irresponsible or boring. It makes everyone feel special to know that someone gets nervous before meeting them and pays good attention to themselves to look good for them.

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 2. Share Your Deeper Sides

One reason for the high rate of divorces and the unbearable stench of superficial love in the air is because people fall in love with appearances for shallow reasons, nobody understands the meaning of love or the efforts and sacrifices it requires. It is quintessential to share with each other our deeper sides, I know we think that you have tried enough to impress them, so they like you, but every person has his own fears, vulnerabilities and sorrows, sharing with each other can not only lighten our heart but create a deeper and unbreakable bond between each other.

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It will give incentive to your partner to be more expressive and sharing with you. It’s not all about laughing together but crying together as well, and trusting your loved one with the fact that you both will love each other still, after knowing their weaknesses.

 3. Give Surprises

After a while, especially during married life, everything starts to get boring, the sparks die out, and you probably don’t feel those butterflies in your stomach anymore. The element of surprise is a life saver. Living on a spree of spontaneity can keep the flame burning.

importance of romance in a relationship

Give flowers for no reason at all, jump in the car and go for a long drive, leave notes in the house in various places, make breakfast in bed for him/her. And never forget to live each day with laughter.

 4. Create The Perfect Atmosphere

Why is it that people go on vacations, why to eat out in a restaurant, it’s all for the change of atmosphere, having a change of environment can be very refreshing, at least once a week. Even when you are having dinner at home, do not miss out on the candles and aroma. Creating a luxurious and soothing mood for you and your partner will also make them feel special and know that they are cared for.

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Also, it doesn’t have to be a special moment or time. Rather keep a sweet looking and scented house 24/7. Keep your house clean so it feels more like home and give you pleasure in your own space.

 5. Caressing

Intimacy should not always be oriented towards a goal, caress each other every now and then for no reason at all, doesn’t have to be a full fledge session. But to just gently place your head on his/her shoulder while watching TV or reading a book, stroking hair, or holding hands while walking or to wake each other up in the morning with caressing hand and smile.

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6. Be A Good Listener

Being a good listener is an essential factor of almost all relations, let the other person have you as a confidant that they may share their inner thoughts and emotions with you. Listen quietly and respond with concern. Do not react in such a way that the other person may feel unsure of sharing anything else with you in the future.

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If the partner is trying to vent out some anger, give them space and time they need to cool off and calm down. Interfering them at vulnerable moments when they may react unthinkingly, can create a rift in a relationship. You may feel angry about the fact that they are exhausting their smoke on you but, you have to understand that if you will forgive the for their moody swings, then they will be considerate of you in your moody days.

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7. Dance Together

Dance in the art that heightens expressiveness and sensuality,  so when your favorite tune starts playing on the radio,  drop the daily grind,  hold your partner and move with the music, dancing is the best way to be intimate in a sensual yet non-sexual way. Music is the most beautiful atmosphere creator there is.

romantic topics to talk with boyfriend

8. Embrace Each other’s Crazy Side

Every person has his own quirks and perks, if you are too intolerant towards your partner, then they will feel degraded, and stop being their true selves around you.  Embrace their crazy side because love is about loving not only the good but also the not-so-good side, no one is perfect,  everyone has flaws and scars,  you will only find an imperfect people who are still worth loving, with all your heart.

how to make romance with husband

9.  Don’t Complain Or Degrade

Expressing your expectations is not a bad turn but being too demanding can make your partner feel nervous and insufficient,  they will feel they are not good enough if you criticize them too much, and it will squeeze the love and affection out of the bond. Appreciate each other for little things.

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