How Can you Change your Love Fights into Love Bites?


There is a reason for all that love fights and love bites, even if you can’t see it. Studies have found that couples who fight the most love each other the most. It’s not very uncommon to see many couples screaming and shouting with each other. It may be their way to show that they love and care. This might sound really crazy and ridiculous, but fighting for some couples could mean they love each other. In fact, what outsiders see as a fight, could well be their love fights. Their fighting is not a sign of sick relationship, but a healthy one.

 Love fights

Love fights can be wild, thrilling and full of passion, but at the same it could also be stressful and heart wrenching. In fact for every exhilarating rush of love, there may be several moments of anger and rage.

ways to change your partner moodMany times, just watching someone else’s love fights and love bites could also make your perfectly happy romance feel rather mundane and boring.

 Test of love

Though love fights and love bites could seem fascinating to many, experiencing or living through love fights and love bites relationship may sap the energy out of your life. It will drastically impact several other aspects of your life, including your happiness, sanity, and your productivity. It’s easy during these times to walk away when things get tough. Perhaps, that’s the time when true love is put to the test.

Putting up with your partner who constantly remains exhausted, annoyed and utterly fed up with you, shows that you truly and deeply love your partner and you are willing to withstand the pain and discomfort of working through a [good fight].

Relationship issues- How to overcome

Love fight reflects that you care enough to deal with the hurt and anger, instead of taking an easy route of just walking away. It means you have the desire to actively pursue a solution that will make you even stronger.

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 Understanding the love fights and love bites Relationships

Ego clashes and moments of disagreements exist in every relationship to a certain extent. These fights offer an opportunity for couples to understand each other better. Love fights and love bites relationship thrives on conflicts and incompatible personalities.

Romantic pillow fights- Love bites and love fights

Regardless of how cheerful and accommodating you both may be, the moments of fights can bring the worst in you and your lover. Love fights and love bites are a kind of relationship where there’re more anger and frustration in the romance than there is a scope for love and happiness.

 Fighting with a purpose

When love birds are new in their relations, they tend to agree with everything. However when fighting erupts, it means they have just hit a point in their journey together that demands especial attention and communication. According to relationship expert, Dana Ward, fighting is actually normal for many couples.

healthy-relationships- more love fight-more love bites

In fact, the key is that they are fighting with a purpose. Living in love fights and love bites relationship doesn’t make you a bad person. You both could seriously love each other; however both of you still may find yourself bringing out the worst in each other all the time.

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 Evolutionary basis

Fighting has an evolutionary basis. It’s about “fight or flight”. Humans and many species have evolved based on the psychological reactions that occur when a threat is perceived. Your brain is wired to either stand your ground or flee the situation. So you have a choice and a decision to make based on a question whether the threat which is [love fight] is worth living with or run away.

love fights makes your relationship more stronger

The couples who truly and deeply love each other are willing to push aside those subconscious and sometimes even conscious desires to flee. Instead, they desire to stick around and fight for one another and fight with one another.

 Fighting is scientifically healthy

In a study spanning 10 year period and comprising 4,000 men and women, from Framingham, Massachusetts, it was found that people (especially women) who hold onto anger or unresolved feelings are four times more at risk of dying than women who expressed themselves.

fighting couples

In another study that was published in CNN by Ernest Harburg, University of Michigan, married couple who harbored their anger during a fight did not live as long or as healthy as the couple who fought and resolved their issues fairly.

 Love fights are important for love bites

The stress that comes from holding on to anger is real. There are myriad health risks of holding the anger. This essentially means that if you really love your partner and want to see him or her happy and care about your partner’s health, then fight for your relationship. In short love fights are important for love bites.

why love bite is given

 Love fights are the opportunity to learn what bothers your partner

 It’s only during the fight that couples drop their inhibitions and gets to understand how your partner really feels. In fact according to Pamela Paul, relationship expert, compatibility of personality traits like core values and beliefs comes out during a good fight.

how to get your boyfriend in the mood over text

It doesn’t come out when you are holding back or restraining yourself, but when you are heated. It is also only during this time your partner really gets an opportunity to know what bothers you or how you really think and feel.

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 Love fights mean being honest

The outburst of truth can only happen from a good heated argument. If love fights aren’t there, people would be getting married and having children but never know the true feelings and innermost desires of their partners.

couple-kissing-love fight with love bites

Sometimes when pressing issues never find the opportunity to come out, it can even destroy the marriage. Love fights are important in keeping the couples honest and open with themselves and their partners.

 Love fights could mean better sex

It really doesn’t matter whether you both had sex before the fight or after the fight. But there is one thing we all have experienced – the make-up sex that comes after a good fight. Nothing can beat this. Blood is boiling, tensions are high and there is just no better way to break the tension than with a good old-fashioned wrestling match. Don’t you think, throwing each other on the wall and tables including in carpet burn inducing rough sex after an angry fight could seem really exciting?

is it normal to fight everyday in a relationship

 If you have found the idea of love fight interesting, go home tonight, pick a fight and just look at the make-up sex as the consolation prize. It hardly matters who wins.

On a serious note 

But…. but if you think you already have had enough of love fights and think you just can’t handle this anymore, there are ways you can change love fights into permanent love bites. You are not living in a perfect world, no one for that matter.

Your partner is your world and with patience and compromise and without letting the ego lock horns at the same time, you can work your way from love fights to love bite. Communication is the key, so rather than yelling at each other and retaliating in anger give your partner some time alone to reflect on what you have to say. When their ego diminishes after a while they will be more open to communicating.


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