Thursday, January 24, 2019


mistakes to avoid while makeup-makeup mistakes that age you

Worst Mistakes most Girls do when Putting on Make Up

If Facebook has tough me anything is that I use to paint my face horribly wrong, nothing like looking at a picture that’s who know how many years old and cringing at your own...
what shade of lipstick does kim kardashian wear

6 Best Lipstick Shades for working Women 2016

Most working ladies incline toward going to work without wearing lipstick. The reason for this is because they are suspicious that their corporate culture may not welcome their style. Be that as it may,...
Bridal lipstick

Attractive Lipstick Shade of Bollywood Brides

Weddings are a unique occasion in any woman’s life, but it is even more unique if it is a star’s wedding.  With regards to wedding cosmetics, the lipsticks are the ultimate go-to for any...