6 Best Lipstick Shades for working Women 2016


Most working ladies incline toward going to work without wearing lipstick. The reason for this is because they are suspicious that their corporate culture may not welcome their style. Be that as it may, what they should simply comprehend is the kind of lip shades to put on to work. For example, you will need to be careful when you intend to use a bright lipstick in the event that you are the type who is vibrant, also in the event that you are the dashing and daring lady, you are certain to love striking shades of brilliant and dark reds, but then, these are shades that you should avoid.

In case you’re the girly young lady, you are certain to fall in love more with shimmering and glittering shades. In any case, that is a strict no to the workplace. There are numerous shades that can be smoothly worn at your office without disregarding the corporate culture.

  1. PEACH

Peach is not just a color; it is a pleasantly great color. It is girly, subtle, bright and pretty. It’s almost sure that you will get a lot of compliments from a lot of people when you wear a peach lip shade and yet, it will just be good for the corporate environment.

best lipstick for dry lips-best matte lipstick

When you have a darker pigmented lips, it’s possible that a peach lipstick may not show well, except you opt for a lipstick like the Wet n Wild’s Sunset Peach. It’s a little bit shimmery and also sheer.

best peach lipstick for fair skin-best peach lipstick for medium skin

It is awesome for you for the daytime.

  1. MAUVE

This is a color that appears awesome on all skin shades. That’s exactly why you find that Mauve blends easily well with a lot of daytime outfits. It is very apt for working women 2016.

best mauve lipstick for fair skin

Definitely, Mauve works brilliantly well in summer and also in spring. Mauve is an important shade on the list of best lipsticks for working women 2016.

  1. CORAL

This one is a little funkier, but if you could really pull it off, then you can go for it! Coral adds a beautiful pop of color when it is applied on a dull (maybe a little foundation to even out) face. It can be used as a minor foundation to even out.

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If you really want to make this cute and pleasant, you will do well to keep every other thing neutral.


Pink may seem like a little sparkling, but you can be sure that is not always the case.

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Soft Pink can give you a pouty, girly appearance that will surely be classy enough for your office environment.


Matte Orange-pink is another shade which looks beautiful on all tones of skin. It is durable, creamy and subtle enough for a corporate environment and also awesome for regular use also.

maybelline matte lipstick

Interestingly, it is also very pigmented for a great consistency. Isn’t that awesome?

More than that, it does not contain Parabens in it! Parabens are chemicals in cosmetics which are utilized as preservatives.

  1. BEIGE

Admittedly, the word beige sounds a little blah, but this can easily be combined with most office outfits.

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Beige looks awesome on all skin colors, especially the warmer ones. It’s as distinct as distinct can get, but trust me, you and everyone else will know it’s there.


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