Be aware from These Type of Guys when you are at Club


It is natural for a woman to get attracted to men and when you are so involved in social activities and you go out at places like clubs, you face a lot from the opposite gender.

Opposite gender does attract but you should know the odds initially. Keep your distance from some guys while you’re at the club.

Let’s have a look at the Be aware from These Type of Guys when you are at Club.

1. The Curious Ones

Don’t you bother to go after the boys who seem to be curious at the club? Curiosity resides just on the outer surface.

They are the kind of boys once you’ll get involve with them, they’ll show you the real side that is in most cases the darker ones. You would not like to see that.

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They seem curious by their looks but indeed, they are the real pathetic people to go out at a club.They’re not going to utter any word from their mouths. The night goes on, and they’re still wondering there around. They are not sure of what to say in the very first place.The ones who are curious you find at a club, avoid them.

2. The Smart Boys

The smart boys are always the smarter than you ever think. They know the smart talks. You’ll get trapped by them.

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They know how to make you feel good but eventually, they’ll show up with their real sides. Just remember they’ll try to be the smarter.  The smart ones are actually nothing in real, just pretending. And you just can’t like to go for the pretending people.

These guys have much to show you or to boast off just to get your eyes on them. Huh! Be smarter. (Winks)

3. The Pretty Faces

Stay away from the pretty faces. They look so good that you might confuse your expectations with their faces. They know the only way to get women is to behave like a real gentleman in front of them. Women have that soft corner for them.

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They also think that they look so good that even the girls will have no problem in paying their bills, too. If you want to keep such real good-looking man in your life, make sure you’re not afraid to open your wallet until your last penny goes out. We all know buying someone a drink is a way to go. And eventually, you’ll be penny-less.

4. The Mama Boys

They are the ones you must ignore. They are the clingy ones indeed. They are so used to get treated like a prince by their mums that they’ll be order specified and will do nothing without their mama’s approval. The so-called mama’s boys have no will to even make a decision on their own.

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Even asking you for a drink is not under their control and they’ll expect from you to go for this. Their level of perception will always be a lot different than yours. They will always end up disappointing you because they know nothing in real that can amuse you. They are the mere puppets of their mothers.

5. The Gamer Boys

They are the ones that love games.They will not stand for “no” as an answer ever. These guys will stop at nothing to get whatever they want. They’re witted, modish and much straightforward. They can do anything to score their given target or to fulfil their aim.

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These guys are so sharp and have a long term memory on a psychological basis, too.They learn the words before uttering out. They, being nicest, will give you the broadest smile serving your way.

But being wittiest, just avoid them. Their irresistible power to get everything is what makes it vulnerable to go on with them.

6. The Drunkies

They are the drunken ones. The drunkies being the drunken ones love drinks so much that they even do not feel bad to show it. Their relationship with their bottles is infinitely strong and intimate, you would get jealous.

I call them drunkies because they barely open up their eyes to see you or give any kind of looks.Listen carefully what they are saying, usually, it’s all crap. Well said, Sir.

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They often seem to be complaining around about the music for being loud or the place being much crowded. Softly denial and keep your distance. These are not the guys you want to be with on the dance floor. Surely!

7. The Broken Ones

You don’t need to talk to the broken ones. They will tell you the long and even much longer stories most probably you don’t want to listen. They know the skill to exaggerate.

They are indeed the bonkers. You’ll definitely not like a guy who behaves like a girl over a broken relationship.

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Talking to them can make you feel the soft line a boy can have. Not really a good thing to know. Right, isn’t it?

8. The Dreamer Guy

They are the ones that love their dreams more than anything else. They never compromise on their dreams.

They are surely not the good ones for you. They’ll go on entangling you up eventually. For them, their dreams come first.

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These guys have no interest in socializing, they just socialize to get their motives and done their goals.

9. The Rogue

The rogue ones hide their age, just as their liking in women is hidden.

They can irritate you easily. Even a simple stare or a creepy look by them will irritate you. However, their appearances from clothing to the way of their speech will tell you about them, from where they belong. So, it is not that difficult to judge them.

Keep your distance from some guys while you’re at the club

Their hidden talents are hidden so well that you need to give them a hint if you try to give them your phone number because it’ll take long before they actually get your point.


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