20 Things Every Woman Should Know About Men


Think you know all you have to understand about your man? The pros say an excellent relationship necessitates really knowing what makes their partner tick. Whether your love affair is decades or fresh, there continue to be strategies to strengthen your love. Is being conscious of vital bits of advice guaranteed to take your link to another degree. Check out the 20 things every woman should know about her man:

1.It does not include innuendo, he wants you to live! Byways with men, it does not work!

ways of maintaining your relationship

2.He is jealous of your male friends! It never dares admit it but he said there is always a risk that the relationship goes from friendly … more!

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3.He can not help but look at other women: it’s like that, but that does not mean he will do anything!


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4.He loves that men look at you in the street to see you please other people while you are with him make him proud!

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5.Do not prevent to see his friends that you like them or not, they are out of balance and it needs them. Take this opportunity to see your girlfriends!

why most of girls hate when you are with your friends

6.Contrary to what you think he wants children. Maybe not now, but he plans to be a father

O what time men wants child

7.He does not like you criticize his mother, he has two women in his life, and you … It will make it! He also hates his mother criticizes you and lets him know …

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8.Do not ask if you do not want to know the answer: men and tact that’s 2 .

why girl shout when you don't praise him

9.He thinks of you more than you think: and it’s not because he does not send you 50 SMS a day that he does not think of you …

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10.He needs you flatter his male ego! And yes … make it fun from time to time, tell him he’s the best, the strongest and smartest!

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11.He likes you to take care of him, as you pamper. He also likes to pamper you …

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12.But he also likes you to be seductive

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13.What he loves most is when you take initiatives under the duvet

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14.He does not show it but he too is afraid of losing you sometimes

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15.He hates it when you talk about your exes (you also hate that he speaks of his own way …)

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16.He wants to know your friends and family even if it scares him

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17.He wants you to make him discover things, that you share your passions with him and he also wants to show you what he likes

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18.It is not macho but hate that you were driving …

why men always wan to drive for his woman

19.He wants you to trust him

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20.Your father scared him! And he knows he has no incentive to break your heart

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