15 super romantic ways to ask marriage, 5th It surprised you!


Surely you’ve imagined a thousand times how you ask for marriage. Before the “yes I do”, that moment when your guy looks you in the eye and tells you he wants to spend a lifetime with you is one of the happiest and exciting that you will experience in your life. Therefore, all we ever fantasized how nice it would be to happen one way or another, and all the romance is often a key element.

At circleofloveandlife, we bring you a list of the most romantic ways to ask for marriage … What would you choose?

1. With a flashmob

It is one of the most fashionable forms has been in recent years but … we love it! No matter if it’s a good dancer or not, as in many other fields, here the intention is what counts. Almost impossible to say no!

2. On a beach in the moonlight

It is one of the classics of romantic proposals. Your guy kneels before you as you walk along the beach and take a ring with a diamond Navas Joyeros, a company specializing in the world of diamonds and precious gems company. It will be a magical experience we’ve all dreamed of living!

surprise marriage proposal in church how to propose to a lady for relationship

3. Traveling 

A trip to your favorite destination or the city that always wanted to go is the best excuse to kneel and ask you for marriage. Reservation for two at the Finca Las Beatas in Villahermosa (Ciudad Real), a place most special to enjoy a dream weekend and ordered a couple of wonderful hands.

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In addition, you can also choose it as the venue for your wedding, it will be nice to remember two moments in one place. We offer endless possibilities to make your dream come true, also have the Hotel Rural Las Beatas, the perfect setting for one of the most important days of your life. 

4. With Music

A string quartet, prickly pear, mariachis, pilgrims ‘ choir … If your guy hires some kind of musical entertainment to ask marriage, certainly no shortage of tears of emotion when you give your answer.

5. In the cinema

An ad before a movie in a movie theater can be a good reason to get married. This girl they did and this was the result.

movie theater proposal ideas

6. Russian Roulette of chocolates

Imagine you are given a box of chocolates, you indicate which you have to take and there’s a slip of paper asking for marriage or even a ring inside the chocolate. This idea inspired the film romantiquísima “Every day of my life” well worth a place on the list.

7. The place where you met

That first date always has a special magic. Why not repeat it in your betrothal marriage?

8. In a mirror

Simple but very very romantic, imagine your face wonder if you go to a hotel (that always adds a chic touch to the requested) and has written his statement in a mirror … Your face will surprise no price.

9. Projecting lights in a building

It is another shocking that have been ordered released on video. Imagine you walk down the street hand in hand with your partner. It is night and the lights of the buildings are off, but soon, one of them strategically lit to ask:  will you marry me?  Nah not? ¿Would you resist saying yes?

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10. Written in the air

A message in the sky is one of the most romantic and unforgettable formulas to ask for marriage.

Global Ballooning in Victoria’s Yarra Valley

11. Written on the floor

If the above formula is out of your budget, you can always choose to write the message in the sand on the beach or even on the floor of the street. Romantic and original!

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12. With the help of your pet

If your pet has a key role in your life, why do you also have in your betrothal? Put the ring on his necklace is a great way to ask for marriage.

13. With the help of your children

If you have had children, nothing better to also ask them to participate at this time. It will be a beautiful memory for all!

14. Balloons with messages

A balloon release with writing the message do you marry me? is a great and romantic to ask for marriage idea. If the idea of flying does not convince you, fills a room in your house with balloons with this message for a special occasion.

15. Through Mobile

New technologies are so present in our daily lives that are a good way to ask for marriage. Record a video with your statement and send by WhatsApp. It never imagines or forgets your betrothal!



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