13 Things EVERY Girlfriend Wants To Hear More Often!


More often than not, words that we choose to speak make a huge difference. They can convey our emotions ever so vividly. While a girl loves and cherishes the compliments her boyfriend gives her, there are some things she would love to hear more often. Here are 13 things girls want to hear from guys…

1. ‘I don’t care whether or not I am your first love… But I definitely want you to be my last.’

Because every girl wants to believe that her guy will be her ‘happily ever after’.

1 girls want to hear from guys

2. ‘Are you secretly a magician or something? ‘Coz I don’t see how else can someone juggle so much in a day!’

Because a guy who can laud her for the effort she puts into doing so many things is the one who truly loves and appreciates her.

loving couple images

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3. ‘I love how you’re so passionate about this.’

Because it means a lot to a girl when her guy cares about the things she is passionate about… Even if he doesn’t share the same interests.

3 girls want to hear from guys

4. ‘Hey, don’t worry. I got your back.’

Because sometimes, this is all she needs to hear.

Boy demand from a girl

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5. ‘I can’t take my eyes off you…’

Because every girl wants to be reminded exactly how beautiful she is, once in a while.

5 girls want to hear from guys

6. ‘So what if you didn’t make it this time? I know you can do this… Just don’t give up!’

Because when she is down, she needs her man to believe in her… Even more, than she believes in herself.

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7. ‘You’re one crazy lady but I love you and I wouldn’t change a thing about you.’

Because she wants to know that her boyfriend loves her as she is… Quirks and all.

7 girls want to hear from guys

8. ‘Well done! I am so proud of you!’

Because a few words of appreciation from someone she loves go a long way.

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9. ‘Hey, can you come here for a bit? I need your help with something…’

Because it makes her feel valued. And she genuinely likes being of help to her guy!

9 girls want to hear from guys

10. ‘I have so much fun when I am with you!’

Because knowing that her guy thinks she’s fun can make her smile from ear to ear.



11. ‘I fall in love with you, even more, every time you smile.’

Because this is simply too aww-dorable.

11 girls want to hear from guys

12. ‘How can you possibly look so cute all the time?’

Because there’s nothing that can make a woman blush more than knowing that her boyfriend finds her cute even when she is in her PJs!

cute couple

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13. ‘No, that outfit doesn’t make you look fat at all.’

Because, well, every woman would LOVE to hear that.

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