12 Signs you’re Dating Your Dream Man


Finding the man of your dreams is a very good sign that you are lucky. But, is there any proof that the man you are thinking as your dream man is really your dream man? Is he good for you? Is he a Goodman in reality? We cannot say anything about someone’s nature and character until we spend some time with them.

In fact, the reality of person can be revealed when you date with him, not always but sometimes. So, the body language, expressions, and some other things can tell you about the person you are thinking as your dream man. If you go for a date with a man, apparently you don’t know that he is good or not, but here we are telling you some signs which can tell you that you are dating with a good man.

1. He admires you

He admires you, your belongings and your thoughts. He likes you in every way and tells that what is good for you.


2. You feel secure with him

You feel secure with him. He makes you feel that you are secure and safe with him. A feeling of safety is very important in a relationship and when you feel safety and security with someone, he is very good for you.

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3. He treats you in a good way

He treats you in a good way and makes you feel important. He will not try to be  rude to you. He does not act rudely with you instead he will scold in a very polite way if he will feel anything bad.

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4. He shows little possessiveness

Being possessive is not a bad thing; it is bad only when it is on the extreme level. So, if your man shows little possessiveness then he is very good for you, he knows how to protect personal relations.

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5. He does things which you like

He does things which you like, even if he hates those things. But he starts loving to do what you like. He prefers your choice and prefers what you like.

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6. He avoids what you hate

He avoids the things what you hate and try not to do things which you don’t like.

7. He takes you side

In every matter, he supports you even if you are wrong. He will not call you wrong if you are angry at something, instead he will say that “whatever the matter, you are on the right side”. He takes your side in every matter.

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8. He tries to impress your family

He tries to make a very good image in front of your family. He does not disgrace your family members. He treats your family members as his own family.

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9. He respects those who are important for you

He respects your close friends and does not ruin your image in front of your friends. The guy who tries to act badly in front of your friends is not good for you. Instead, a good man tries to make your image good.

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10. He introduces you to his friends and Family

He introduces you to his friends and family in a very respectful way.

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11. He admits his mistakes

He admits whenever he is wrong. He does not try to impose every bad thing on you, instead, he admits whenever he is on the wrong side.

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12. He likes to see your success

Your success is important for him. He celebrates your success more than you, it is the level of his sincerity.

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