11 Things that Boy should do to Look More Stunning for his Girl


Every man wants to look attractive to inspire their girlfriend, wife, fiancée, or soon to be fiancée. The standards of attraction for women are slightly different from men. If you think you are looking gorgeous, then it does not necessarily means that you girl will also find you dazzling. So if you want to look striking for your girl, then you have to think from women’s perspective which is difficult but not impossible. To ease your worries here are 11 easy things men can do to become more attractive to women.

1. Dress As She Likes

Men love to do casual dressing but believe it or not women don’t like men who always dress casually as if they don’t care what their think about their dress. There is no shame in dressing casually, but you must dress as per the desires of your woman to show her that you care about what she thinks about your dressing.

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2. Read the Situation

Mood swings are very common in women no matter how calm and polite they are. You must read their mood smartly. It is hard to predict what women want, but you can at least pretend to know her feelings. For instance, if your girl is arguing about anything then let her win the argument but don’t give up easily because it will further aggravate her fury.

how to make your angry girlfriend happy

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3. Have Some Long Term Plans

It is important to have some long-term goals and objectives to be successful in life, but you should occasionally express your long term objectives to your girl. It will make her believe that you are a guy who takes life serious and have the guts to maintain a relationship.

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4. Be Sensitive

Lots of love gurus say you should append some sort of femininity to show your girl that you are sensitive, but it is not true. It is not justified to link sensitivity to femininity. A man can be sensitive about lots of domestic and personal issues. All you need to do is to express your sensitivity at the right time in the right manner. Keep in mind, crying like a baby in front of your girl will not help much.

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5. Be Polite

Women don’t feel comfortable with guys with anger issues. Actually, no one likes to be with such guys. You should stay calm and don’t raise your voice too much. If you remain calm in the tense situation, then your girl will surely appreciate it, and she will certainly reward you in one way or another.

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6. Be Thoughtful

It is nice to act dumb to make your girl feel smart but don’t prolong the act. You should use your creativity in different aspects of your relationship. You can buy her unique gift on some special date. It will be nice if you mark special dates on you cell phone’s calendar.

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7. Learn Cooking

Most men think that it is the duty of women to cook a meal all seven days of the week. There is nothing wrong with this think but make sure not to express it in front of your lady. It will be perfect if you cook something on weekends. It does not mean that you have to cook a sophisticated dish. A fried egg, toasts, and a cup of juice can do the job.

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8. Be Straightforward but Not Too Much

Don’t play games with your woman. Keep it in mind that they know everything about, and they can sense what you are up to, so it will better if you keep things simple. If you don’t like to watch soaps or romantic movies then just tell her but make sure not to be straightforward all the time because sometimes you have to go with the flow.

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9. Be Considerate

Women love to have the attention of their men. Therefore, few words or gesture of compassion at the critical moment can earn you huge respect. Lots of men avoid conversation about deep feelings. I know it will be hard for you, but an emotional conversation once in a while can make your relationship stronger.


10. Control Your Friends

Your friends are your reflection so ask them to make a nice picture of you in front of your girl especially when you are in early stages of your relationship. If you have wayward friends then giving weight to your girl’s opinion over your friends can nullify the dim-witted acts of your friends.

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11. Be a Man

While doing all these things for your girl, make sure to act like a man especially when you go outside. Women are not weak, but they like to have a sense of protection from their men. It does not mean you have to be over aggressive.

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