10 Fashion Mistakes To Avoid In The Summer!


As the temperatures rise, here are some things you must bear in mind while deciding what to wear and how to wear it! You definitely don’t want to be on the wrong side, making a fashion faux pas that might be a little too disastrous- especially in the summer!

1. Wearing A See-Through Top Without An Inner!

fashion disasters that you must avoid

Caution: Wearing a see-through top with a bra that stands out distinctively without a camisole or bandeau may result in constant glares from everyone around and can draw the wrong kind of attention from people, especially if you’re out using public transport.

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2. Wearing The Wrong Bra- Especially With Tank Tops And Halters

Even though you might be someone who doesn’t care too much if your bra strap is showing, and there is nothing wrong with them showing either; wearing a normal bra with your halters and tank tops may look a little odd sometimes. They can also take away from the design of your top or dress. Therefore, it is always recommended that you wear a strapless bra if you’re wearing a halter top, off-shoulders or strapless dresses for a clean sophisticated look.

3. Wearing The Wrong Length Shorts And Dresses

fashion disasters that you must avoid

This goes for your dresses & skirts too. You’re most welcome to wear a mini skirt or a pair of hot pants but don’t go too short- especially during the day. This may lead to revealing a lot more than you had planned. So choose wisely.

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4. Wearing White Underwear Under White Clothes!

Something that you might not have given a thought earlier, but needs to be addressed. Wearing white underneath those white clothes further accentuates it and highlights your underwear. Instead, wear skin toned underwear with white.

5. Wearing Leather Or Any Other Thick Material!

fashion disasters that you must avoid

You know, we’re not exaggerating. They can be reasonably comfortable but they just won’t help you fight the heat in this season and might end up giving you heat rashes too. So smart thing to do is to keep those leather boots inside and wait for winter to arrive again. Opt for cotton and natural fibers that allow your skin to breathe.

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6. Tight Clothes = Spillage

Yes, we love those bodycon dresses and tank tops, but choosing to wear something that is a size smaller might not be the most flattering thing to do, especially during the hotter days. They will suffocate your skin and can exaggerate your problem areas. Choose the right size and the right shapewear too!

7. Accessories Overload!

fashion disasters that you must avoid

Just because there is more scope of dressing up during the summer doesn’t in any way mean you can go overboard with your accessories. If you’re gonna be out in the sun, wearing chunky heavy jewelry may lead to rashes when they come in contact with sweat.

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8. Visible Panty Lines Or Thongs Strings!

Please wear seamless underwear or thongs when you’re wearing something that is too fitted. VPL is one of the biggest fashion disasters and can scream tacky…and the thong strings that peep above the waistline of the lowers? Even worse!

9. Flip flops Are Mostly For The House Or The Beach!

fashion disasters that you must avoid

We know how much you love those flip flops or the rubber chappals but wearing them every day is not only harmful to your feet but they also look way too casual and untidy- esp if you are working. Go for sandals and slip ons that are ideal when you step out of the house!

10. Wearing Thin Flimsy Fabrics!

Ever heard of camel toes? This happens when you pick thin flimsy fabrics that don’t sit very well on the body and maybe lead to more such fashion disasters. Wear thin breezy fabrics but be sure to try them first!


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