Wednesday, October 24, 2018


Bridal lipstick

Attractive Lipstick Shade of Bollywood Brides

Weddings are a unique occasion in any woman’s life, but it is even more unique if it is a star’s wedding.  With regards to wedding cosmetics, the lipsticks are the ultimate go-to for any...
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15 Subtle (Yet Sexy) Lipstick Shades EVERY Girl Should Try Out This Summer!

Ladies, summer is here and it’s time to switch to lighter shades when it comes to lippies. These amazing and subtle lipstick shades are not only cool, but sexy too. If you’re not big...
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10 Tips To Make Your Eyebrows Look AMAZING!

Your brow game has got to be strong, ladies, come what may! Well-defined eyebrows can make a world of difference to your entire look, there’s no denying that. And because most of us crib...